What I most often do for clients comes under the broad category of ‘editing’. Within that there are three levels of editorial intervention (in ascending order of complexity) -- Proofreading Copy Editing Structural Editing -- and to demonstrate what these entail I’ll go through the same piece of text applying each of them in turn. I was born in Edinburgh.My family on my father’s side can be traced directly back to the 17th century and the village of Tain in (naturally enough) Ross-shire,  now the home of the Glenmorangie  distillery. My mother’s family, the Doigs, came to Edinburgh from Fife in the 19th century, having their roots previously in Orkney, and before that, Scandinavia. My father was a sports journalist, and his father a print worker.     Welcome to Rossword I’ve been a freelance writer for over twenty years and it may be that some of the skills and tricks I’ve learned over that period can be useful to people who’ve been doing other, and possibly better, things with their time. It’s no crime or shame not to be a ‘good’ writer. I can’t construct a balance sheet or draw up a flow chart to save my life – if I need one, I go to an expert. Writing is really no different. Except, yes, maybe it is, for two reasons: First: writing is such a natural everyday activity that we tend to take our proficiency at it for granted. We assume that since what we write almost always communicates efficiently enough, it couldn’t communicate better. Second: even if we acknowledge that this might be the case, there’s no perceived reward to be gained from any improvement. So -- a professional writer like me is in the position of offering a solution where people don’t even see a problem. Except there is a problem. Competition. Whether you’re selling a product, promoting a business, offering a service, or simply trying to get your ideas across, you’re going to be competing against a whole host of other people – with very sharp elbows – operating in pretty much the same field. The winner’s going to be the one to make the most convincing case, and that can often be down to the quality and professionalism of their written argument. So, if you’re interested in having a little extra edge in whatever market-place you operate in, you just might have a use for someone like me. Plays: Four productions  -- Edinburgh Festival Fringe. ‘Tartan’ – Almost Free Theatre, London. ‘The Price of Experience’ – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh. ‘The Smell of Fantasy’  – Royal Court Theatre, London. ‘Expatriates’ – Tristan Bates Theatre, London. ‘Helen’s Story’ Peggy Ramsay Foundation Playwriting Award. Why You (Might) Need A Writer