I was born in Edinburgh. My family on my father’s side can be traced directly back to the 17th century and the village of Tain in (naturally enough) Ross-shire, now the home of the Glenmorangie distillery. My mother’s family, the Doigs, came to Edinburgh from Fife in the 19th century, having their roots previously in Orkney, and before that, Scandinavia. My father was a sports journalist, and his father a print worker. My mother’s grandfather, John Doig owned the Central Bar on Leith Walk in Edinburgh, and refurbished it in Art Nouveau style around 1900. The extraordinary decoration has been maintained, making the place now a minor tourist attraction.  http://www.heritagepubs.org.uk/pubs/real-heritage-pub-entry.asp?NatPubID=EDN/692  The pub was passed on to my grandfather, Jimmie Doig, who ran it until his death in the 1930s. After school, I gained a First Class Honours degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Edinburgh, then spent 3 years at Pembroke College, Cambridge working towards a Ph.D. This was eventually aborted when I decided to move to London to develop a career as a playwright. Over the subsequent years I’ve had plays performed in various venues, as well as short stories published. I’ve also worked at several other, mainly writing-related, jobs. I now live in Charlton, in the London Borough of Greenwich, with my partner Kristina Bedford, a professional genealogist and historical researcher. (See her website at http://ancestraldeeds.co.uk/)                            Rossword Who I Am